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Lellie Not Perfect

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April 2023

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Books by Kim Merritt

Books by Kim Merritt

Written and Illustrated by Kim Merritt, this book can be purchased at Amazon.
What if a child loved Jesus but had a big personality? This comical tale of Lellie Not Perfect is sure to be a bedtime favorite, bringing laughs, and teachable moments. Lellie is adorable even with all her antics, such as when she yells about baby brother with spaghetti on his head, “I won’t love that baby! Babies are too messy!” Lellie may be sassy, bossy, selfish and boastful, but she learns that there is Someone who is perfect, and He is her hope. Kimberly Merritt, a Pastor’s wife, retired homeschooling teacher- mom, and illustrator of over 80 children’s books, has authored and illustrated this book with scripture, and the Gospel included.

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